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Are You Using the Right Lawnmower for Your Property?

Cutting the grass is probably no one's idea of fun, but if you find that it's especially difficult for you, it may be that you're simply not using the right lawnmower for your property. It may be undersized so it's not powerful enough to cut through the thick grass you have, or you might be overlooking certain features that are available and which can make grass cutting that much easier on you. Note a few points that will tell you if you're using the right lawnmower for your property.

Width versus speed of the mower

Even if you have a self-propelled lawnmower, if it's not very wide, it will take hours to cut a larger piece of property. You might assume that a stronger mower that cuts faster will be enough, but pushing your mower too quickly over the lawn can mean that the grass doesn't actually get cut; much of it may be missed or just tamped down. If you need to slow down your speed of mower so the grass actually gets trimmed but the mower itself is very narrow, this can mean dozens and dozens of passes over your lawn to get the job done. Note if you need to upgrade to a larger width and not a faster speed so the grass is properly cut, but you're not taking all that time to get the job done right.

Zero turn mowers

If your property has lots of landscaping features and other obstacles, a zero turn mower may be what you need. This mower actually rotates in a circle rather than turns on an axis; it's a favorite choice for commercial landscapers since it's easier to make tight turns and get close to fences and other markers without needing added room to turn.


If you spend too much time after cutting your lawn raking and then gathering up grass clippings, or the clippings wind up blowing into a nearby pool when you cut the grass, it's time to upgrade to a mulching mower. This mower will have more than one set of blades that cross-cuts the grass and creates tiny clippings that are then deposited back onto the lawn after they're cut. This mulch keeps the grass clippings from blowing all over and also protects your lawn from soil erosion and damage from too much sunlight. If your grass tends to get dry and the soil is somewhat dusty, invest in a mulching mower for this added protection and feeding of the lawn.

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Replanting our yard

I am a bit tired of how much work our garden is taking to maintain, so I am replacing all of the fussy plants with Australian natives from the region. Not only will they take less work to maintain, but it should also help us to attract some native birds and animals into the yard, which will be a nice change. This blog shows my project and explains why I have chosen the different plants, with some tips on how you can do the same thing. It should be useful for anyone with a yard that they want to convert to natives.