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Three Different Types of Sand Products and Their Uses in the Landscaping World

Do you need sand supplies for a residential landscaping project? There are different types of sand products available for you to choose from that can be delivered to your property. Each variety of sand has its own properties, pros, and cons, which render it suitable or unsuitable for certain jobs.

Below are some common types of sand products and their uses in the landscaping world.

Building Sand

Also sometimes referred to as mortar sand, building sand has so many uses in the landscaping sector. This type of sand has very fine grains and is often used to build structures that require bonding with mortar. Together with water and cement, building sand is one of the primary ingredients used to mix mortar. It is also called builder's or mason's sand because it is widely used by builders and masons.

Sometimes, building sand derives its name from the type of building material it is used to bond. For example, sand designed for bricklaying is commonly called brick sand. 

If you need to build an outdoor structure that requires the use of mortar as a bonding agent, you will need to use building sand. Some common landscaping uses of mortar sand include outdoor concreting and kerbing projects. 

Coarse Sand

This type of sand has larger, coarser, and sharper grains than building sand. That explains why it's also called sharp sand. It's mainly used in making concrete slabs because it binds incredibly well to form a hard and solid surface.

However, it's not that smooth because of the larger size and sharper shape of the grain particles. This type of sand is the perfect choice for block paving and building of paving slabs.

Washed Sand

This is a high-quality sand product that is widely used to create children's sandpits. Contaminant particles, such as silt, clay, dust, and sediment are removed to ensure the final product is very fine. As it's mainly mined along the beach, this type of sand is sometimes called beach sand. The sand is drained properly to reduce its high water content and weight.

Aside from being suitable for making children's sandpits, washed sand can be used as under paving for pavers and for creating beach-themed landscapes.

These are just but a few of the varieties of sand supplies available on the market today. If you need sand products you're your home landscaping job and want to know which products to use for your project, feel free to discuss your options with a soil delivery service in your area.

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