Replanting our yard

Three Different Types of Sand Products and Their Uses in the Landscaping World

Do you need sand supplies for a residential landscaping project? There are different types of sand products available for you to choose from that can be delivered to your property. Each variety of sand has its own properties, pros, and cons, which render it suitable or unsuitable for certain jobs. Below are some common types of sand products and their uses in the landscaping world. Building Sand Also sometimes referred to as mortar sand, building sand has so many uses in the landscaping sector. Read More 

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Replanting our yard

I am a bit tired of how much work our garden is taking to maintain, so I am replacing all of the fussy plants with Australian natives from the region. Not only will they take less work to maintain, but it should also help us to attract some native birds and animals into the yard, which will be a nice change. This blog shows my project and explains why I have chosen the different plants, with some tips on how you can do the same thing. It should be useful for anyone with a yard that they want to convert to natives.