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How to Make the Most of Your Bin Hire

There may come situations that you will be producing an abnormal amount of waste on your property. The reasons for this could range from engaging in landscaping, a home renovation or even just spring-cleaning of your entire home. In these instances, you would be better off contemplating bin hire rather than having to wait for your scheduled garbage collection services. This is because such projects tend to generate a lot of waste materials and keeping them on your property can translate into safety as well as health hazards. The following are some of the tips that you could use to ensure you are making the most of your bin hire.

Start filling the bin with lightweight waste materials first 

One mistake newbie skip users make is simply dumping the waste materials into the bin as the waste is generated. This may seem like a convenient way to ensure waste does not accumulate on your property, but it could lead to your skip not being properly utilized. When you begin disposing waste materials into the bin, always begin with the lighter materials first. With this method, once you start loading the heavier waste materials, they will exert pressure on the lighter material. This could make the difference between having some additional space in the skip or running out of space before you have eliminated all the waste that needs disposing.

Break any large waste materials into smaller sizes

Another mistake that newbie skip users make is just throwing items into the skip no matter their size. The reason why doing this is a mistake is because bulky items will take up much more space than necessary. For instance, if you are landscaping your property, chances are there will be a lot of natural waste in the form of branches and twigs. If you throw large branches into the skip, their irregular shape will mean that they cannot fit snugly and thus there will be a lot of empty, unused space in the bin. Instead, you should break all these branches into smaller pieces, which would take up less space in the bin.

Do not hire skips based on price

When seeking bin hire, do not use the prices to guide your choice. If you are trying to cut costs by hiring a small bin, you may find yourself having to pay more either in the form of an additional skip or repeat trips for garbage collection and disposal. If you do not know what size bin would be best suited for your needs, it is always best to consult the skip provider regarding the project you are undertaking. A site visit from the provider could also go a long way in helping you establish what size of bin hire would be best suited for your project.

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Replanting our yard

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