Replanting our yard

Why You Need to Organise Your Spring Mulch Delivery Soon

Spring is getting closer and closer and for most people, that means starting to get ready to tame the beast that is every Australian garden once winter ends. The grass starts growing stronger than ever before and most plants come into their own, with new growth in everything from flowers to fruits. However, your plants can still do with a little added help if you want them to reach their full potential, and that means making sure you have enough mulch for the job. Here is why you should get that mulch delivery sorted out sooner rather than later.

The Best Supplies Can Go Quick

There are many different types of mulch, whether it be soft woodchips to a mixture of nutrient-rich compost and soft soils. Some of these supplies will go a lot faster than others and you might be left empty-handed, without your preferred mulch for your garden. If you have specific needs then this can be even more of a problem, and you may be left trying to buy individual bags of mulch rather than the bulk option you get through deliveries. Be pragmatic and get your gardening schedule under control for the upcoming busy season, because others will if you don't.

Be Ready to Slingshot Your Plants Into Spring

As soon as you start seeing those green leaves and new shoots you will want to capitalise on this and start showering mulch and water on them to ensure a smooth transition. To really get a good slingshot effect and have your plants flourishing as soon as possible you need to have that mulch waiting. A mulch delivery doesn't have to be on the day you think your plants will start poking through the ground, it should be before it. Mulch can survive unbothered in its own little heap for a few months so you don't need to worry about exact dates.

Don't Run Out

Mulch gets used up a lot more quickly than you think. A huge mound can look very thin when layered throughout your garden, and you want to know early on whether or not you need a few more deliveries of mulch or if your garden will survive with just one layer. A mulch delivery early in spring gives you time to see how it settles in and how the garden responds to it, which will in turn allow you to know how much more you need for the rest of the season and beyond. 

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Replanting our yard

I am a bit tired of how much work our garden is taking to maintain, so I am replacing all of the fussy plants with Australian natives from the region. Not only will they take less work to maintain, but it should also help us to attract some native birds and animals into the yard, which will be a nice change. This blog shows my project and explains why I have chosen the different plants, with some tips on how you can do the same thing. It should be useful for anyone with a yard that they want to convert to natives.